Compensated Stacking


Electrostatic Blocking Module - VM 500

The blocking module VM 500 is used for stabilization and temporary fixing of unstrapped bundles. Normally the module is integrated into automatic palletizing systems, however, it can be used as well if highest bundle quality is required while manually palletizing.

The desired quality is achieved on the one hand by a repeated compaction (with up to 5.000 N) and on the other hand by electrostatically charging the bundle with up to 60 kV. The blocking module VM 500 is directly connected to the Gämmerler compensating stacker KL 540 (300 mm bundle height) or to the KL 560 (400 mm bundle height). This allows a compact footprint and also short bundle transport distance, therefore achieving gentle bundle conveying and short cycle times.

Technical Data
    VM 500  
Cycle time (depending on copy)     ≥ 4 sec.
Formats A   105-330 mm
  B   140-500 mm
Bundle height   min. 55 mm
    max. (300) 400 mm


  • Easy to operate
  • Gentle bundle handling
  • High bundle quality for palletizing