Perfection in 3-Edge Inline Trimming - RS 111

Precise and Reliable 3-edge Inline Trimming System

The precise trim is an important point in postpress processing. For more than 30 years Gämmerler has set benchmarks in inline trimming technology and maintained its leading market position worldwide with more than 4200 installations. Modular in design, the RS 111 consists of two rotary trimmers and one bumpturn, mounted on a welded steel framework. The RS 111, which can easily be moved between production lines, takes full advantage of Gämmerler’s rotary knives with interchangeable cutting segments.

Technical Data
    RS 111  
Speed     80 (100 as option) m/min
Pagination 1)     4 - 32  
Formats untrimmed AxB min. 130x122 mm
    max. 530x530 mm
Formats trimmed AxB min. 128x180 mm
2-edge trimming AxB max. 526x526 mm
1-edge trimming   min. 170 mm
Trim width1) 2)     2 - 50 mm
Shingle thickness   max. 8 mm
1) depending on paperweight
2) depending on pagination


  • Exceptionally long knife life
  • Constantly high trim quality
  • High flexibility
  • Short set-up time