Spare parts and repairs

One important part of the services Gämmerler offers is spare parts and repairs. Our professional and experienced team will provide prompt assistance and reliable execution. Gämmerler has more than 10,000 parts available in inventory to help our customers avoid production downtime. Due to the long life of our installations, spare parts are available over many years. Using our original spare parts ensures a correct function of the systems and a secure production for a long time.

Repairs are completed by our professional staff on-site or in our manufacturing plant. We will assist with the entire logistical process on repairs including pick-up and return the equipment on time.

Your advantages

  • 24-h service possible
  • Avoidance of production stoppages due to fast processing
  • Well over 10,000 parts available daily
  • Original spare parts many years in stock
  • Professional repairs possible on site
  • Complete logistical handling of repairs in our plants
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Our competent service personnel will be happy to help you.

Preventive inspection and general overhaul

Gämmerler has developed a system maintenance concept to ensure optimum availability and service life. Preventive maintenance in conjunction with the right spare parts package are needed for a reliable process cycle and minimizes the risk of unforeseeable production stops.
General Overhaul

We also execute the general overhaul of your existing machines extending their service-life.

We work with our customers to develop customized maintenance concepts and to identify the optimum maintenance intervals for the various components.


After-Sales Services

Today reliable, efficient, and flexible production systems are available to meet the constantly growing market requirements. The essential factors for increased profitability are future-oriented technology, long service life, and the optimization of all production systems.

As your worldwide partner, Gämmerler offers a comprehensive range of after-sales services. We have the knowledge and the experience to provide professional support during the entire life cycle of your installations.

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