Palletising – Perfect automation for increased productivity and quality

PL 700


Perfect Automation for all copy formats: The compact log palletizer PL 700 takes the logs from the log stacker and places them on the pallet according to the copy format. If required the logs can be turned by 90 or 180 degrees. Various options, as for example the slip sheet feeder and pallet dispenser make the system flexible. The operation panel with its clear structure facilitates setting.


  • Fast, exact and safe control
  • High productivity and flexibility
  • Compact, stable palletizer with low space requirements
  • Easy, graphic supported operation
PL 700
Gaemmerler-TF 660 Einzelgreiffoerdersystem Zeichnung Massangaben
Cycle time machinemin. 18 sec./log (depending on product and log length, without slip sheet feeder)
FormatsA 105 – 330 mm, (4.1″ – 13″)
B 200 – 500 mm, (8″ – 19.7″)
Log length 500 – 1200 mm, (19.7″ – 47.2″)
PL 700 Stangenpalettierer Gaemmerler
PL 700 Stangenpalettierer Stangengreifer Gaemmerler
PL 700 Stangenpalettierer Bedienfeld Gaemmerler

PR 460 / PR 480

Articulated-Arm Palletizing-Robot

Perfect automation for higher productivity and quality
PR 460 – The Palletizing-Robot for Bundles
PR 480 – The Palletizing-Robot for Bundles and Logs

Automatic optimization of the pallet utilization: Different pallet patterns are generated, stored, modified and copied. Options such as the fast, separate Servo-slipsheet-feeder and the pallet-dispenser increase the system‘s flexibility.


  • Wide format range
  • Bundles enveloped on their 6 faces
  • Product- and bundle-protection by patented gripper
  • No loss of cycle time when using slipsheets
  • PR 480: Palletizing of bundles and logs
  • Optimum use of the pallet surface
  • Stable, precise and recallable pallet loading structure
PR 460 / 480
Gaemmerler-TF 660 Einzelgreiffoerdersystem Zeichnung Massangaben
Output (depending on customer specific layout, gripper)max. 600 cycles/h
max. 1100 bundles/h
max. 200 logs/h
Formats (others optional)
Servo-double-gripper for single bundlesmin. 140 x 258 mm
max. 330 x 480 mm
Servo-double-gripper for double bundlesmin. 140 x 150 mm
max. 240 x 330 mm
Log gripper: Width x Height x Lengthmin. 140 x 200 x 660 mm
max. 330 x 500 x 1200 mm
Bundle heightmin. 50 mm
max. 350 mm
Bundle weight30 kg
Log weight150 kg
PL 460-480 Palettierroboter Gaemmerler
PL 460-480 Greifer-Palettierroboter Gaemmerler
PL 480 Palettierroboter fuer Pakete Gaemmerler