Gämmerler „factory refurbished  – Gebrauchtmaschinen“

Gämmerler has responded to the increasing uncertainty of investments in long-term capital goods. With factory-refurbished used machines, you reduce the risk of external financing. The fulfilment of your requirements and performance parameters are our top priority. All factory-refurbished used machines are 100% tested, ready for use and fault-free before they leave our factory. Our used machines can be viewed and, in some cases, tested on our premises. As you would expect, all machines are supplied with complete documentation and 6 months’ warranty.

Creating space: We are always interested in purchasing used machines, including machines in need of refurbishment.

We are always interested in purchasing used machines, including machines in need of refurbishment. By selling machines you no longer need, you create space and generate extraordinary income. After all, machines that are no longer profitable continue to take up space. Contact us to get an offer for the sale of your machines. If you cannot find the machine you are looking for in our selection, please let us know. We would be happy to assist with your search or may already know where to find the model in question.

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Secondhand machines- year of manufacture: 2018 – like new with warranty.

Price and terms on request.

Robot palletizer PR460 – Sold


Compensating-stacker, KL560


Blocking module, VM500


Doublestream trimmer, RS234 – Sold


Overhead conveyor-system, FS260 – Sold


Log stacker, SH700


Trimmer, RS134


Trimmer, RS164


Bumpturn- flowturn combination – Sold

Bundle – conveyor

Flowturn/ 90 °


Pallet transport

Trimmer, RS111

Kreuzleger ZL800

Gämmerler Compensating stacker ZL800, built 2006

Serial number:  7083/2006

Short overview:

  • Layer cycle: 1,9 sec.
  • Pagination: 4 – 96 pages
  • Formats:
    Width: 140mm – 500 mm
    Length: 105 mm – 340 mm
  • Bundle hight: 400 mm
  • Layer hight: 330 mm max.
  • Infeed hight:  1760 mm (adjustable)
  • Delivery hight: 890 mm
  • Electrical loads: 4,25KW; 400V, 50Hz
  • Pusher: Servo pusher left or right possible
  • Press roll at the infeed
  • Signal exchange with upstream and downstream maschines


  • Maschine is cleaned and ready for use
  • Operating hours (Status 03.12.2018)
    7083/2006 46.533h
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